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What's Important In Ringette?

As The Fastest Sport On Ice . . .

Developing On-Ice Skating and Ringette Skills

The most fundamental skill in ringette is skating ability. This sport relies heavily on top linear speed, ability to change speed and direction, quickness and agility. From a coaching perspective forwards skating stride, quick starts/explosiveness, crossovers, transitions, stopping, backwards skating stride and the ability to utilize your edges are all important skating skills in ringette. 

When it comes to ringette specific skills, all players must have a degree of defensive and offensive awareness as well as the possess the fundamentals to pass and shoot the ring.

To develop these skills, coaches must understand that ringette is an open environment. There are many dimensions to skill development that go into developing a ringette athlete.


Strength & Conditioning

Ringette requires a high level of fitness. The energy system requirement of ringette demands repeated max effort bouts throughout a 30-60 second shift, rest for 60-120 seconds, and do it all over again. Successful athletes in this sport train to maximize their cardiovascular fitness as well as their speed, agility, quickness, strength, power, and mobility.

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Take an inside look at the U19AA Eastman Flames battle for a medal at the 2018 Canadian National Ringette Championships

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