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Our Team.

The Competitive Edge Power Team consists of individuals that not only have a passion for sport, but have a passion for coaching. All members of our team know what it takes to be an elite player and strive to inspire that out of the athletes we work with. Our culture promotes a growth mindset, always on the path to better ourselves and the athletes we work with.


Who I Am

Brooke Enns, MEd, BKin

NCCP - Certified Ringette Coach

Skating Coach

NSCA - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Former AA Ringette Player

Current U19AA Ringette Coach

I am a ringette specific skating skills coach and strength and conditioning specialist that is passionate about skill acquisition and retention. 

My unique background and skill set allows me to have a truly integrated perspective on how to develop a ringette athlete in all aspects of on-ice skill and sport specific fitness. I am an avid learner that is constantly seeking out how I can become a better coach.

My mission is to reach as many coaches as possible and provide them with valuable information in how to coach their athletes most effectively and efficiently to improve their coaching abilities. 

Coaching Accomplishments:

  • Bronze Medal at the 2018 Canadian National Ringette Championships

  • Gold Medal at the 2021/2022 Provincial Championships 


My Philosophy

With 20+ years of playing the sport of ringette and 10+ years dedicated to coaching it, I am always striving to help develop ringette athletes in any way that I can. 

I believe in creating an engaging and challenging practice environment for athletes. By constantly pushing myself to learn more about how we coach, I am always looking for more effective ways to transfer skills learnt in practice to an athletes game performance.  

I am passionate about long term athlete development as well as challenging athletes to maximize their skill acquisition and training adaptations for performance and health benefits.


I am a firm believer that you coach the person before the athlete. Sports are a gateway in developing valuable life skills many youth and adolescent's take into their adult life. 

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